Future features

Here’s a list of features planned for future ULRS versions :

ULRS 2.36

  • Bugfix regarding failsafe. For now it’s important to use GCS failsafe in ardupilot.

To be planned :

  • Preconfigured modes (fast RC / fast telemetry / longest range etc)
  • Support for USBASP
  • RSSI mavlink injection
  • Hi-Q Variometer with configurable tone
  • STM32 version
  • 3D OSD
  • Parameter : Continuous TX mode (for testing)
  • Parameter : Encryption
  • Parameter : 256 kbps ‘faster than USB’ mode
  • Spectrum analyzer : switch between frequencies and channels display
  • Show number of PPM channels in ULRS CC
  • Beacon
  • Automatic channels selection
  • Diversity support (with two modules)
  • Frsky smartport support
  • Save settings to disk
  • Power selection
  • Servo outputs (PWM) for RX modules
  • Ability to deactivate the automatic COM ports detection at startup in ULRS CC
  • Selectable WinAVR folder
  • Warning on the spectrum analyzer tab if mavlink server is running
  • Antenna tuner
  • Change parameters of the RX through the TX, and vice-versa
  • Support for several failsafe modes
  • Send the last coordinates in case the FC is no longer powered, and backup battery is still powering up ULRS
  • Parameter : RSSI 3,3V or 5V (for example to allow a Dophin board to send a 3.3V RSSI on a Pixhawk)
  • Parameter : 868MHz / 915MHz modules
  • RFM / atmega diagnostic
  • Detect if channels are not the same on TX and RX
  • Show failsafe values in ULRS CC
  • Long push for failsafe saving