MinimOSD for Ultimate LRS



MinimOSD is a an open-source OSD (on screen display) for FPV, which is able to directly decode mavlink data and display it as an overlay over the real-time flight video.

One picture is worth a thousand words, here’s an example from the MinimOSD wiki :


For more information about MiniOSD please check the following links :


Using MinimOSD with Ultimate LRS


You can use one serial port for ULRS, and the other one for minimOSD, and use appropriate baudrate for each :



You’ll have to share the same serial port between ULRS and minimOSD, and it has to work at 19200 bauds.

A minimOSD version recompiled to work at 19200 bauds was made by rcgroups user mcfly.

Unfortunately I didn’t try it yet, but here are the posts where he provides the modified firmware and explanations.

Another similar modification made by burtgree :

And same from yak-54 :

If one of these links give good results let me know and I’ll remove the other ones.

MinimOSD on ground side

The MinimOSD is usually mounted in the plane or quad, but rcgroups user ‘007trains’ had the idea to mount in on ground side (see his post here).

It’s an excellent idea as it will continue to provide the OSD overlay even if the video is lost.