Ultimate LRS failsafe settings

The failsafe function allows to have a predefined set of servo position in case of connection loss. Usually they are chosen to activate the RTL function of the flight controller.

To define the failsafe positions, simply click on the button of the ULRS TX while the RX is already running. The failsafe values will be saved into the RX’s eeprom memory.

For APM/Pixhawk users, normally you’d go into RTL before saving the failsafe values.

For maximum safety, it’s recommended to activate the GCS failsafe in APM / Pixhawk. This is a mode where the flight controller will go into RTL if the mavlink connection is lost for 10 seconds.

In the future, other failsafe modes will be allowed :

  • Ability to stop sending any PPM in case of failsafe : this is a condition that can be recognized by most flight controllers
  • Ability to define a special value for some specific channels. For example channel 8 will go to 2000µs to force the RTL mode. Or the throttle channel can be set to 950 µs.