3D Virtual Cockpit

What’s the 3D Virtual Cockpit ?

The Virtual Cockpit is a realistic cockpit view added on top of the video feed from a drone or FPV vehicle.

It’s quite different from other existing systems, which are usually adding simple numbers over the video, such as altitude or speed.

The Virtual Cockpit provides an immersive experience very similar to being inside a real cockpit and looking at all the instruments while flying.

The instruments, such as altimeter, variometer, airspeed, battery voltage, heading etc, are displaying the information in real-time based on telemetry data.

In addition a HUD 3D radar can be displayed, providing an intuitive feeling on the plane’s location and way home :

Each circle on the radar represents 100 meters. A special attention has been done to have everything updated with every frame received from the drone camera, to have perfectly smooth movements of the radar, needles etc. Much attention is given to the details, in order to provide a realistic experience, for example the shadow of every dot on the small lcd panel is really displayed. More details here :


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