Long range setup


ULRS Modules

Normal Orange 1W modules without increased power (3.3V operation, about 400 mW power)



DIY 4 elements Yagi antenna on the ground – DIY Vee antenna on the plane What certainly contributed to the range is that the antennas are precisely tuned with professional equipment :YagiVeeYagi2


For the video, he’s using well tuned vee antennas in the plane, and a patch antenna on the ground :IMG2014111_7279095_14741612IMG2014111_5299503_14741614IMG_20150624_224755_360IMG_20150325_195226_682


  1. Xavier says:

    OrangeRX aren’t 433MHz ?

    Maybe I missed something but the OrangeRX / TX modules have been modified to use 1280MHz antennas on this setup ?

    Thank you

  2. Meysam says:

    Rc jiamir = rc jammer

  3. Neil says:

    Hi, I see you used 1.2Ghz here, I am currently using DTF and want to move to UltimateLRS so will need to buy some different modules. I’m thinking of the Wolfbox TX and RX units but do you know if they have built-in low pass filters or not?


    • admin says:

      They don’t have filter, but they’re less noisy than DTF modules (check the spectrum analyzer page on the site).

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