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There are Ultimate LRS users accross the globe and I’m very happy to receive their kind messages. This page is dedicated to the creativity of ULRS users and I’ll post their videos and other projects such as 3D printed cases, antennas, trackers etc. Thanks to all of you, and I’m preparing bumper stickers and goodies for you ūüôā

User videos

Notice that the telemetry is always turned on with ULRS, the ranges obtained in the example videos below are thus with telemetry enabled.

ULRS video from Australia

ULRS videos from Bulgaria

Provided by Chavdar Pechev

ULRS videos from Belgium

A 35 km ULRS flight (70 km total)

A user provided these videos of a flight to 35 km distance and back using Ultimate LRS.


 ULRS Flight videos from USA

This one is from RcGroups user ‘analogman’ :


DIY ground plane antenna

Here’s the DIY ground plane antenna from¬†Chavdar Pechev



A DIY ground plane antenna (France)

User ‘salience’ from rcgroups made a ground plane antenna with extremely good performances (SWR<1.1). The antenna is a combination of the one from this article, and includes a balun described here.


gndplane 433tuned

Yak-54’s 3 elements DIY Yagi

Link to original post

Moxon antenna for Ultimate LRS

Rcgroups user Beemond made a very nice Moxon antenna, check this post for the full description.

IMG_20151014_010122 IMG_20151014_010236 IMG_20151014_010245 IMG_20151014_010058

3D printed

3D-printed case for ULRS

Rcgroups user ‘analogman’ provided this nice-looking black 3D-printed case for ULRS, APM, (large) BEC and filtering capacitor : printed 3D

Beemond’s 3D-printed case for ULRS

Rcgroups user Beemond designed a nice-looking 3D printed case which can be downloaded here.


3D Printed case for 100mW module

Rcgroups user stundenblume has made these nice Ultimate LRS 3D printed cases :






Another 3D-printed case for ULRS

Have a look at this blue 3D printed case for ULRS, which can also receive a bluetooth module. The model can be downloaded on Thingiverse here. Taranis-OrangeRX_BT_preview_featured Taranis-OrangeRX_preview_featured

And another 3D-printed case for ULRS

A 3D printed case for ULRS proposed by Oscar Bertrand, and available on Thingiverse here.




Other projects

Home made RC transmitter

Rcgroups user babak_ea created an home made RC transmitter based on Ultimate LRS.

It use an Atmega micro controller and read 6 ADC that connect to potentiometers for channels of 1,2,3,4,6,7 and ch8 use simple switch for digital input.
For mode selecting at channel 5, I prefer to use 6 Momentary switches for different modes, so when press any of 6 switches new mode is selectable, of course in my previous version, I used 2 switches (2 and 3 state) for 6 modes.

This program get 3 times sample for each potentiometer, then use average value and for digital input simple reading pin is used, then sends all values as ppm signal to specified ppm output at timer interrupt, each 20 ms.

It also uses one of ADC channel for reading battery voltage and 3 levels are defined for different blinking the battery Alarm Led.

Because different models of potentiometer have a little different behavior, it needs at first to calibrate each potentiometer that give the best range in 1000 to 2000.

In this version the “exp” or “end point” for sticks is not defined and I think that for Arducopter it’s no needed.

I used this program about 2 years with your ULRS versions 1.06 and 2.xx and hadn’t any problem .

Integrating an APM inside the OrangeRX case

User WinerS did something apparently impossible, integrating an APM board inside an OrangeRX case !




Antenna tracker

Rcgroups user ‘xfly’ is working on an antenna tracker that can work with Ultimate LRS : 1

2 4 3

Piloting with a bluetooth joypad

Rcgroups user ‘gregd72002‘ describes in this post how to connect ULRS with a bluetooth joypad through a Raspberry pi :

2016-11-13-12_50_23-bluetooth-lrs-transmitter-with-rpi-google-docs 2016-11-13-12_50_34-bluetooth-lrs-transmitter-with-rpi-google-docs


  1. chmp says:

    More interesting videos from me. Flying in the clouds. And flying in fog.

  2. chmp says:

    Flight by MyFlyDream at wind 36 km / h

    My new ground plane antenna

  3. CHMP says:

    My new plane (MyFlyDream) again with Ultimate LRS
    Long range antennas are ready for testing this weekend
    I look forward to your new Releases

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